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“The real journey of discovery does not move in finding new territories, but in possessing other eyes, seeing the universe through the eyes of another, of hundreds of years of them is.”


“When a stranger approaches and we confuse him with one of our brothers, putting an end to every conflict. Here, this is the moment when the night ends and the day begins.”


“Don’t judge what you don’t know wrong, take the opportunity to understand.”


Our Mission

The mission of the association is to promote a dialogue with otherness, in particular with the ethnic groups present in its reference territory which is that of the Municipality of Eboli and of the Municipalities belonging to the social sphere of Salerno S3 (Altavilla Silentina, Campaign, Contursi Terme, Oliveto Citra, Postiglione, Serre and Sicignano degli Alburni In the Municipality of Eboli alone, leader of the Area, around 5,000 third-country nationals reside and represent 12.6% of the population.


We must not simply bear the differences between individuals and groups, but rather welcome them as welcome, considering them an enrichment of our existence. This is the essence of true tolerance, understood in its broader meaning, without which the problem of true morality cannot be posed.
(Albert Einstein)